Fundraising best practices built in

The Template Library in Momentum houses all your communication templates. This list includes both AI-generated templates and your own custom mail merge templates. You can browse through this library to select the most appropriate template for your current outreach.

AI Templates

When you choose an AI template, you can instruct the AI on how to construct the email. These templates provide a first draft, which you can then customize for each donor.

Mail Merge Templates

For more standardized communication, use mail merge templates. These templates allow you to set up a base structure for your messages, with placeholders for donor-specific information such as name, expected gift date, and more. When you use a mail merge template, Momentum automatically fills in these details, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

By using these tools, you ensure that each piece of communication is relevant and personal, whether it's an email or a phone call, fostering better relationships with your donors.

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