Find the hidden gems

Our prospecting tool allows you to find the hidden gems in your CRM. We look at donation history, wealth screening information and other data-points to surface the donors that are the most promising.

Enable Prospecting

Open Settings and toggle "Enable Prospecting". This will allow you to configure prospecting to suit your specific requirements.

Prospecting Portfolio

Select the portfolio that you want to prospect from. This can be any pool of donors that you want to prospect from.


Select any template to use to reach out to your donor prospects. This can be either an AI template or a Mail-merge template. This is the template that will be used to construct the prospecting email.

Prospects Per Week

How many prospects do you want delivered per week, we will ensure that these are drip-fed into your inbox at a regular cadence. No being overwhelmed.

Handling Prospects

Once you have enabled prospecting, new prospects will appear at the top of your Inbox to handle. Once you have completed them for the week, they will dissapear until the following week.

If you have completed all your prospects for the week and want more anyway, you can do this from Settings!

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