AI Drafting Examples

Effective Communication through AI

The 'What do you want to communicate?' field is where you input your message for donor engagement. Here’s how to create effective messages with the help of our AI:

Provide Clear Instructions

Be specific about the purpose of your message. Whether it's an invitation, a thank-you note, or a personal inquiry, clarity is key. The AI uses your instructions to generate the content, so the more precise you are, the better the result.

Examples of Prompts

  1. For an Event Invitation:

    • "Invite donor to the annual fundraising gala on November 18 at 7 PM, Hammersmith Ballroom. Mention dress code is black tie and RSVP is required by November 4."

  2. To Thank a Donor for a Gift:

    • "Thank donor for their generous gift. Express how their support helps our community outreach programs."

  3. To Inquire About a Donor’s Well-being Post-Surgery:

    • "Send a personalized get-well-soon message, inquiring about recovery after his shoulder surgery last month."

  4. To Ask for an Introduction:

    • "Request an introduction to potential donor Jane Smith, emphasizing shared interests in environmental conservation projects."

Enhancing Your Prompts

To improve the quality of AI-generated messages and avoid erroneous outputs:

  • Use Explicit Details: Include dates, times, locations, and any relevant figures to avoid vague outputs.

  • Direct the Tone: Indicate if the message should be formal, casual, empathetic, or celebratory to guide the AI's language style.

  • Provide Context: If the message relates to an ongoing conversation or specific event, include that context for a more coherent output.

  • Fact-Check: Always verify AI-generated content for factual accuracy.

Review with a Critical Eye

Treat the AI's output as a starting point. Always review and fine-tune the message:

  • Check for Relevance: Ensure the AI has stayed on topic and the message is relevant to your audience.

  • Edit for Personalization: Add personal touches to reflect your organization’s unique voice and your relationship with the donor.

  • Seek Feedback: Collaborate with team members to refine the message and ensure it meets your standards.

By carefully crafting your prompts and reviewing the AI-generated messages, you can utilize AI to enhance your donor communications while avoiding common pitfalls associated with automated content generation.

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