Data Models


Welcome to the overview of the primary data models that power Momentum's integration with customer CRMs. This document highlights the significance of maintaining data security and integrity, emphasizes the three core data models - Gifts, Donors, and Actions - that Momentum utilizes from a customer's CRM, and outlines the protective measures in place, including HIPAA compliance.

Data Security and Integrity

Customer Data Confidentiality

At Momentum, safeguarding the security and integrity of customer data is paramount. We understand the sensitivity of donor information and ensure that robust security measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of customer data throughout the integration process.

Anonymization for AI Models

To further enhance data security, all customer data is anonymized before being fed into AI models. This anonymization process ensures that individual donor identities are protected while still enabling us to generate valuable insights for enhanced fundraising strategies.

For more information on how we maintain privacy in our AI models, visit the support page.

Primary Data Models

The Gifts model encompasses information about donations made by donors. This includes details about gift amounts, types, funds, appeals, and acknowledgment statuses. These insights aid in understanding donor giving patterns and preferences.

The Donors model captures essential information about donors. This includes donor names, contact information, contact preferences, household details, giving history, and other pertinent data. This comprehensive view facilitates personalized donor engagement.

The Actions model logs donor engagement actions. This encompasses categories of actions, initiators, and the actions themselves. These action logs offer valuable insights into donor interactions and serve as a foundation for targeted engagement strategies.


This overview has provided insights into the primary data models - Gifts, Donors, and Actions - that form the foundation of Momentum's integration with customer CRMs. By prioritizing data security and integrity, anonymizing data for AI models, and complying with HIPAA regulations, we ensure a secure and effective integration process that empowers organizations to enhance their fundraising strategies.

For further inquiries, technical support, or assistance, please refer to our support resources or contact our dedicated support team.

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