Sending Emails

All of your donor communication in one place.

Momentum's communication suite is designed to handle various types of donor interactions, from sending personalized emails to making phone calls, all integrated within the platform for a seamless experience.

Sending Emails

Emails are a core component of donor communication in Momentum:

  1. To send an email, navigate to the appropriate recommendation in your inbox or use the 'New Outreach' button.

  2. Choose a template or draft a new message using the built-in email editor. You can personalize the content using the donor's information from the database.

  3. Review and send your email directly through Momentum, with the activity being logged automatically in the donor's history.

Email Integration

To keep all your communication in one place, Momentum allows integration with your existing email account:

  1. Connect your email by logging in

  2. Once integrated, all outbound emails sent through Momentum will appear in your sent items, and replies from donors will be captured and displayed within Momentum.

By utilizing these communication tools, you maintain detailed records of all interactions with each donor, ensuring no detail is lost and every opportunity for engagement is maximized.

Logging Call Scripts

For phone calls, Momentum provides a structured approach to ensure productive conversations:

  1. When selecting the call option, Momentum suggests talking points based on the donor's profile and previous interactions.

  2. You can customize these talking points to suit the specific goals of your call.

  3. After the call, log the interaction in Momentum to keep a record of the communication.

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