Each day, Momentum presents a curated list of actions, ensuring you’re connecting with donors at just the right moment. Our system smartly combines two types of recommendations:

  1. Scheduled Touchpoints: Set up reminders for specific dates to catch up with groups or individuals, or to commemorate special occasions. These are the engagements you plan in advance, making sure no moment for connection slips through the cracks.

  2. Automation Alerts: Stay ahead with prompts that emerge based on donor milestones or periods of inactivity. These alerts nudge you to reach out, fostering timely and meaningful engagements without the need for manual tracking.

We prioritize recommendations based on your interaction history and preferences, offering a tailored experience. This personalized approach ensures that each recommendation is relevant and aligned with your strategic fundraising goals.

You have control over the recommendations you receive. Customize your alerts to match your work style and preferences, ensuring that the suggestions you see are the ones that matter most to you and your donors.

Momentum’s system updates in real time, so you’ll only see current and actionable items, keeping your focus on what’s important.

Handling a Recommendation

After clicking on an inbox item, you are presented with options for handling the recommendation:

  • Draft Now: Start writing a personalized email or message directly from this recommendation.

  • Do Later: If you're not ready to draft a message, choose 'Later' to reschedule the recommendation for a future date.

  • Log Action: If you have already taken the desired action outside of Momentum or if you need to record a specific interaction, you can log the action for historical tracking.

  • Delete: Remove the recommendation from your inbox if it is no longer relevant or has been addressed by other means.

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