Salesforce Integration


The following is a cursory view of our data mapping. We work closely with our Salesforce development partners, clients and the API Documentation to ensure data mapping is accurate. We go through a detailed design phase with each organization. Any necessary customizations and implementation costs will be reflected in the proposal.

Initial Setup and Authentication

  1. Log in to Momentum’s Web app via Org’s Admin account

  2. Navigate to Settings and select “click to link your Salesforce account”

  1. Follow instructions on the Salesforce page to give access

Data Momentum Reads

Momentum pulls the following tables from Salesforce NPSP to power our recommendations:

  • Accounts (Households)

  • Contacts

  • Addresses

  • Opportunities

  • Tasks

Data Momentum Writes

Momentum writes back Actions to Salesforce NPSP that are taken via Momentum recommendations, or logged via the Momentum Web App.

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