Frequently Asked Questions

What systems does Momentum require access to?

In order to use the full host of Momentum's features, we need access to your CRM and email. We require read/write access and use OAuth permissions to authenticate for both. Our CRMs page has more information on CRM integrations, our email integrations are available for Gmail and Outlook, and our Data Models pages show what data we ingest from each.

How does Momentum handle data security?

We take data security incredibly seriously. We adhere to standard Organizational, Cloud, Access, and Vendor Security standards. We conduct annual risk assessments vulnerability testing, and staff training. If you would like any more information on our security practices, you can read our privacy policy or our security practices documentation.

Does Momentum help nonprofits outside of the US?

At this time we are only working with US registered nonprofits. However, we can support nonprofits regardless of their tax exemption status. Typically, we are best utilized by organizations who employ at least one full time fundraiser who is dedicated to handling a portfolio of donors. This can be applied broadly (major gifts, planned giving, even grants/foundations).

What kind of data does Momentum use?

Our applications are powered by a mix of first and third party sources, layered together using the latest AI models. As of now, we rely primarily on first-party CRM data to power our applications. More information on what information can be found on our data models page.

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