AI Drafts

Focus on relationships, let the AI do the grunt work.

AI Drafting streamlines the message creation process. With a click, you can generate a draft based on the context of your upcoming interaction. Whether it's a follow-up, a thank-you note, or a special occasion greeting, AI Drafting provides a tailored starting point for your communication.

Momentum’s AI Drafting is your assistant in this mission, helping you to compose messages that resonate. AI Drafting is designed to save you time while enhancing the quality of your outreach. It allows you to focus on fine-tuning the message rather than starting from scratch, making sure your team can work efficiently and effectively.

Personal Touch at Scale

Our AI doesn’t just provide generic templates—it understands the nuances of your relationships with each donor. It suggests content that feels personal and considers past interactions, ensuring your message aligns with the donor's history and preferences. As you use AI Drafting, it learns from your edits and preferences, continuously improving to better serve your communication style. It’s like having a personal scribe who knows exactly how you speak and what you value.

Context-Aware Content

Every message is an opportunity to deepen a connection. AI Drafting suggests content that not only matches the donor’s tone but also aligns with the context of your ongoing conversation. This attention to detail makes each communication feel thoughtfully crafted and genuine.

Customizable to Your Tone

The AI’s suggestions are fully customizable. You can adjust the tone, add personal anecdotes, or incorporate your organization’s latest news. AI Drafting gives you the flexibility to make each message uniquely yours.

Customizable to the Donor's Tone

Building a rapport with your donors means speaking their language—literally. Momentum’s AI Drafting goes beyond basic personalization; it adapts to the unique communication style of each donor. Here’s how it puts the personal in personalized messaging.

By analyzing past messages, our AI detects and mirrors the donor’s tone and preferred level of formality. Whether your donor is more casual or strictly professional, AI Drafting adjusts the drafts accordingly.

Intelligent Greetings

First impressions matter, even in an email. That’s why AI Drafting pays special attention to how your donors like to be greeted. It learns from the greetings used in previous exchanges, ensuring that each new message starts off on the right foot.

Continual Learning for Better Conversations

With each interaction, our AI learns more about your donors' preferences, enabling even more finely tuned drafts over time. It’s about fostering a consistent and comfortable dialogue that honors the donor's individuality.

Through AI Drafting, Momentum empowers you to communicate in a voice that donors recognize and trust, paving the way for more engaging and effective conversations.

With Momentum’s AI Drafting, you’re empowered to create impactful, personalized communications quickly, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters—building and maintaining strong relationships with your donors.

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