Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Integration


The following is a cursory view of our data mapping. We work closely with the RE NXT Product and Engineering teams and API Documentation to ensure data mapping is accurate. We go through a detailed design phase with each organization. Any necessary customizations and implementation costs will be reflected in the proposal.

Our integration with Raiser's Edge NXT enables seamless data exchange between the two systems, facilitating efficient donor management and communication. The integration is managed through Blackbaud's SKY API, which serves as the conduit for data extraction and synchronization between Raiser's Edge and Momentum.

We sync and update data between the two systems every five minutes.

Data Reading

Momentum pulls the following data from RE NXT to power our recommendations:

  • Constituent

  • Addresses

  • Household (created on our side if constituent has a spouse)

  • Actions

  • Gifts (Appeals, Funds, Gift Custom Fields)

  • Constituent Codes

  • Salutation and Addressee

  • Fundraiser Assignments

  • Solicit Codes

  • Opportunity

  • Blackbaud Analytics Ratings (e.g. Prospect Insights, Research Point)

  • Custom Fields

Data Writing

Momentum writes back Actions to RE NXT that are taken via Momentum recommendations, or logged via the Momentum Web App. We are currently expanding our write back capabilities to include update the Opportunities as well.

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