Gmail Integration

This user guide is for users who use Google Workspace or Gmail as email providers.

Welcome to the user guide for integrating Momentum with Gmail. This document provides detailed information on how Momentum interacts with Gmail, the authentication process, permissions required, and the functionalities you can expect.

About Gmail Integration

Momentum integrates with Gmail and connects to your CRM so that all emails sent to records that match a known record ID are recorded in your CRM. For specifics on how emails are logged, please visit your CRM’s user guide.

1. Setup and Authentication

Upon integrating our product with your Gmail account, a one-time authentication is required. This authentication process enables us to send emails from your Gmail account.

It is important to note that Momentum will never send emails on your behalf. Any email that is sent from Momentum will be initiated by a human user.

When you send an email through our system, you can expect to see that email in your Gmail "Sent" folder, typically within a minute.

2. Integration Process

Initial Setup

To start integrating our product with Gmail, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on our platform here.

  2. Navigate to the integration settings or profile settings section.

  3. Choose the option to integrate with Gmail.

  4. Follow the prompts to authorize the integration.

Authentication and Scopes

During the authentication process, our application requests specific permissions to interact with your Gmail account. We use the following scopes:

  • email.read_only: Enables read-only access to your email content.

  • email.send: Grants permission to send emails on your behalf.

  • email.drafts: Allows us to send emails with open & click tracking.

Administrator Permissions

Please note that to complete the integration successfully, an individual with system administrator permissions in Gmail needs to grant the required permissions to our application. This ensures a secure and controlled integration process.

3. Functionality

Email Sending

Momentum allows you to compose and send emails directly from our dashboard. The first draft of all messages will be written by Momentum’s AI Fundraising Assistant.

When you send an email, it will be sent from your Gmail account. The integration ensures that the sent email will appear in your Gmail "Sent" folder, maintaining a consistent record of your communications.

Email Sync Time

The synchronization of emails between our platform and Gmail is nearly instantaneous.

Emails sent from our system will appear in your Gmail "Sent" folder within a minute, providing you with real-time tracking of your communication activities.

There are some instances where it can take up to five minutes for sent emails to appear in your CRM.

Drafts Handling

It's important to note that drafts are not synchronized between our platform and Gmail. Any drafts created within our platform will not be mirrored in your Gmail "Drafts" folder. This separation ensures that drafts remain distinct between the two systems.

For any further assistance or inquiries, please refer to our support resources or contact your customer success manager.

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