Scheduling Outreach

The 'New Outreach' feature in Momentum is a versatile tool that facilitates targeted communication with donors.

Scheduling Your First Outreach

To schedule an outreach:

  1. Click 'New Action' in the header

  2. Select a donor or a group of donors.

  3. Choose a date and method for contact.

  4. Draft your message or select a pre-existing template.

Here's a breakdown of the different components of the New Outreach feature:


Start by selecting the recipient of your outreach. You can type to search for multiple specific donor or groups. The 'Exclude' feature allows you to omit certain individuals from a batch communication.

What do you want to communicate?

This field is where you define the subject or purpose of your outreach, such as 'General catchup'. You can also use this field to guide the AI when generating the content of your communication.

If you have predefined templates, you can apply them here. This option saves time and ensures consistent messaging.

Contact Method

Choose how you wish to contact your donor: via 'Email' or 'Call'. This selection tailors the subsequent steps and options according to the chosen method.


Select a date for when you want the outreach to occur using the calendar function. You can schedule emails or calls for future dates, ensuring timely follow-ups and engagements are not missed. The checkbox 'Follow up if no reply?' is an option to set automatic reminders for yourself or triggers for additional follow-up actions if there is no response from the donor.

Send or Draft

  • Once all information is set, you can choose to 'Draft Now' which takes you to the drafting screen to compose your messages.

  • If you have selected a date in the future, the outreach will be added to the Donor’s plan.

This outreach tool is designed to be flexible, accommodating both immediate and future planning needs, and ensuring users can maintain consistent and personalized communication with their donors.

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