Rules & Automation

Customize your Momentum experience for your organization.

Momentum's rules and automation streamline the process of engaging with donors by triggering communications based on specific criteria.

Setting Up Rules

Creating rules is straightforward:

  1. Click on 'Rules' in the header to access the rules management area.

  2. Use 'Add new rule' to create a rule or select an existing rule to edit.

  3. Define the criteria for the rule, such as the donor tier and the condition that triggers the rule, like 'No contact for 29 days'.

  4. Assign a prompt or select a template that will be used to create a recommendation when the rule is triggered.

Customizing Rule Triggers

Each rule consists of:

  • Who: The donor tier or specific donor segments the rule applies to.

  • Trigger: The event or condition that will activate the rule, such as a birthday or a giving anniversary.

  • Prompt: The guidance provided to the AI to generate a draft for communication when the rule is triggered. You may also link directly to a specific template from your library.

Managing Recommendations from Rules

Once a rule is set, recommendations will automatically appear in your inbox when conditions are met:

  • You can see at a glance which recommendations were generated by rules due to the trigger label, like 'Birthday' or 'No reply to my email after 7 days.'

  • Handle these recommendations just as you would manual ones by drafting messages, logging actions, or bypassing as needed.

Adjust rules as needed to ensure they remain aligned with your engagement strategy and donor response patterns.

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