Portfolio Segments

Creating a segment in the Donor Overview allows you to organize donors based on specific criteria, making your engagement efforts more targeted and efficient. Here's how you can create and manage a segment.

Navigate to the Segments area and click on the blue + icon to start creating a new segment:

  1. Name Your Segment

    • A dialog box will appear where you can enter the name of your new segment. Choose a name that clearly represents the criteria or the group of donors you are targeting, such as "Major Donors 2024" or "Monthly Recurring Donors".

  2. Save Your Segment

    • After naming your segment, click Save to create it. At this point, it will not have any donors assigned yet.

  3. Add Donors to the Segment

    • Once your segment is created, you can begin adding donors to it. Click on the segment name from the list to open it.

    • Inside the segment, click on Add Donors. You'll see a search bar where you can find and select donors by name. After selecting the donors, click Add Selected to include them in your segment.

  4. Manage the Segment

    • With donors added, your segment will now display all included donors along with their relevant information like lifetime amount, last gift, last action, and planned next action.

    • You can continue to refine and manage your segment by adding or removing donors as needed, updating segment rules, and utilizing the segment for targeted communications and strategies.

Creating segments is a powerful way to tailor your fundraising activities to meet the specific needs and characteristics of different donor groups, ensuring more personalized and effective engagement.

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