Donor Overview

Utilize these fields to maintain an up-to-date profile for each donor, ensuring that your communications are as relevant and effective as possible.

The Overview tab provides a quick summary of the donor's profile. It's where you can find and edit key information, such as:

Donor Info & Bio

  • Contact Details: Email address, location, social media profiles, anything you need to get hold of your donor.

  • Birthday: Record the donor's birthday for special occasion outreach.

  • Custom CRM Fields: We can display any donor information from your CRM with some simple configuration to make sure you only see the data you need.

  • Donor Bio: Use this section to note personal insights, interests, or other relevant information that can inform your engagement approach. The information entered here will give the AI drafter information to make your emails to donors more personal and tailored.

Gift Predictions

For every donor in your portfolio, Momentum will generate AI predictions based on giving history:

  • Goal Gift Amount: the expected amount of the potential gift

  • Expected Gift Date: The date we anticipate receiving a gift from the donor

These can be overwritten manually, and can also be imported from your CRM if you have existing gift predictions.

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