Donor Sidebar

All donor info at a glance

Selecting a donor will open their Donor Sidebar, which will combine all the information we can discover about your Donor.

Overview Tab

Utilize these fields to maintain an up-to-date profile for each donor, ensuring that your communications are as relevant and effective as possible.

The Overview tab provides a quick summary of the donor's profile. It's where you can find and edit key information, such as:

  • Donor Bio: Update biographical information that can help personalize future interactions.

  • Expected Gift Date: Set a date when you anticipate receiving a gift from the donor.

  • Goal Gift Amount: Document the expected amount of the potential gift.

  • Birthday: Record the donor's birthday for special occasion outreach.

Within the Donor Sidebar Overview tab, you can update the following fields:

  • Donor Bio: Use this section to note personal insights, interests, or other relevant information that can inform your engagement approach.

  • Expected Gift Date and Amount: Use this sections to forecast and plann for potential donations.

Plan Tab

Engagement planning within Momentum is an integral part of maintaining a proactive relationship with your donors. It involves setting up a strategic calendar that outlines key interaction points throughout the year.

The Plan tab is your strategic tool for setting future engagement activities. Here you can:

  • Schedule upcoming outreach events and communications.

  • Set reminders for follow-ups or important dates related to the donor.

  • Organize the donor's engagement timeline to ensure regular contact

  • Map out the year with important dates, such as donor anniversaries, major holidays, and other significant events that are opportune for donor outreach.

Momentum's engagement planning is flexible, allowing you to adjust your strategies based on donor interactions. For example, after a major donation, you might want to schedule a thank-you call or a personal meeting.

You can also review past interactions in the 'History' tab to inform future engagement activities, ensuring they are relevant and timely.

History Tab

Use the history tab to understand the donor's engagement journey

The History tab serves as a log of all past interactions with the donor, which includes:

  • Detailed records of past donations, noting dates and amounts.

  • A chronological list of communications, providing context for each interaction and its outcome.

  • Historical data showing the full history of your relationship with the donor

Donor Sidebar Data Sources

We combine data about each donor from as many places as we can to build a full 360 degree picture of your donor.

Leverage these three sections to maintain a holistic view of your donors, plan future engagements, and ensure personalized communication that resonates with each individual's history and preferences.

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